24 Jan 2020

Gonzalo Basterra: One of the master composers for The Scape Ore Incident. See his amazing work here.

24 Jan 2020

3rd Eye's production has been stalled but is still on schedule for 2023 to be spun off from current feature films. See the interview from the lead Jeremy Miller.

19 Jan 2020

Robert Murphy, is one of the most outstanding DP's in the business. We are proud to have him as one of the main leaders in Unseen Forces Productions. 

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18 Jan 2020

This forum is for the discussion of a team that is in the shadows to stop that which comes in the shadows to harm man-kind. 

4 Dec 2013

The 3rd Eye website is currently being updated. Preproduction of the 1st film in the storyline is being made Spring 2020.

3 Dec 2013

UFP is in need of artist that can create concept art for the world of a new sci fi action production called Mars PD. If you are an artist and looking to get your work into a motion picture then please contact the UFP Team. 

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S.Digital Studios 



Working with UFP will be the house of S. Digital Studios in Houston TX. Lead by Henry Bradford, an old, trusted friend of Jerald Garner will be also joining forces with Robert Murphy for upcoming film projects in Texas and Los Angeles.

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