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The UFP Team 


Our team and associates range from experienced writers, crew, producers, casting directors to special effects masters. We have focused on insuring ALL productions will be thought provoking, arresting and visually supreme. Please review our members below and research us from other sources.

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Jerald Garner


Jerald is the founder of Unseen Forces Productions. He has over 13 years of production experience and writing. The creator of the Shadow Universe.

Brian Dillingham


A producer whose work spans both film and

television. Credits include documentary The Great Year narrated by James Earl Jones and the feature film Spectres. CoWriter of Scape Ore Incident

Robert Murphy


Robert has been shooting feature films and music videos for 15 years. Was singled out for his cinematography, from both Roger Ebert and Anthony Lane .

Robert Hymers

Executive Producer

Awarded Top Financial Accountant at EY for 2 years. Founding Managing Partner of accounting and tax firm in downtown Los Angeles.

Avery Bailey

Graphic Artist

From a young age Avery Bailey’s love for Character Design, Animation, and Film sent him on a journey of discovery about the importance of speed, accuracy, and versatility. Avery has mastered many different forms of art and is constantly searching for ways to bring his and others original content to life on the big and small screens. Avery’s main concern in this life is being a consummate professional and a beneficial part to the team.

Henry Bradford

UPM/Creative Project Manager/Editor

Creative Project Manager at SDigitalStudios.  A man who wears many hats, Henry is a seasoned photographer, cinematographer, video editor, sound engineer, actor, voice actor and graphic designer. Henry has received awards for best editing in various film festivals in and around the southwest region of the US. Operating SDigitalStudios, Henry took on tasks that would later lead him to the pursuit of a full time venture with his company. He has worked on independent and major motion pictures in the production department, he has worked as a technical administrator for Fox Sports, and has shot and edited countless hours of footage for corporate and commercials.

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