A woman trapped in an abusive relation with her grifter boyfriend finds herself suddenly stranded in the swamps of South Carolina hunted by a legendary creature as well as those who seek to capture it.



Stakes are high in this modern-day tale of two families. Two cowboys, once best friends, battle it out in the Rodeo to prove who is the best. One is trying to save his families ranch and one can win the purse to start a new ranch thus continue the cowboy legacy for his family.



Haunted by her past a young FBI agent is on the trail of a series of mysterious murders that are of the same MO as the killer she escaped from in the past

SHADOW PEOPLE: The Story of Sherry Pembroke


Sherry Pembroke, a key figure in unlocking the ability to fight the shadow beings as the coming of Planet X is near. Alex having left the NSA’s containment facility and now on NSA and FBI most wanted list must get to Sherry to protect her from an entity known as a shadow being. This being has targeted and killed key humans who have discovered and threatens to fully expose the secrete world of the celestial war, The Order and its control over mankind. In the end the being is contained but planet X is on the horizon, global weather is getting worse



The true story of the murder of Dr. Sulayman Berjis, the escape of his family from 1970’s Iran (Persia) before the revolution and the modern-day challenges of his granddaughter, Shoreh, now a young doctor in America, with the gift of healing like her grandfather before her.  Moving from London to America and reunited with her beloved great grandmother, she learns more of her culture and traditions. She meets and befriends one of her patients, an old Persian man who becomes her surrogate grandfather.  Sadly, he holds secrets from the past that would change the course of Shoreh’s life forever.



Gone are the days of gun slingers and outlaws, or so we think. In the fictional town of North Fork, New Mexico Territory, in 1910 the United States and the world has changed. Rancher Lucas Mc Cain’s past has come back to haunt him as his wife and new son are murdered. He must break a promise he made to an old friend and dig up his modified Winchester Model 1892 rifle and go on the hunt for his family’s killers. Word spreads that the famous, “rifleman”, Lucas Mc Cain is out for blood, every meanwhile; fast draw gunslingers are out to challenge him for the rank as the fastest shooter in the world.



Prequel: An elite unit in Afghanistan on a mission to extract info from a downed fighter find out they were not sent to take out terrorist cells but a threat much more dangerous to humankind.



Set in the not too distant future, A down and out cop (Alex Rain) is Experiencing flash backs of a previous lives only to find out he was one of the fallen angels under the command of Arch Angel Michael. Three factions are gearing up for the final climatic battle for the known reality physical word, Aliens, Angels, Demons, Genetic Monsters and the Trapped Fallen.  Who will win Earth; will it be the Angels, Demons or the fractured Fallen? All will choose a side.



Nibiru is here. The end of the cover-up of who mankind is and all the beings in Earth history has been answered. Mankind’s pushed to be involved in the interdimensional war of all realities as two planets and all densities clash.  Sides must be chosen by man, nephilum and other worldly beings alike. In order to save humanity in one of its 1st battles Alex and many of G.I.A.N.T. will be lost in an interdimensional rift due to Planet Nibiru and its proximity to Earth. He and many of their children are left to carry on the fight along with



War begins on Earth and humans struggle to comprehend their reality and the events and beings that are terrifying mankind, setting up the great war of all realms.  Allies and adversaries from ancient and new galactic empires converge on the battlefield of Earth and Nibiru to save mankind’s right to ascension.



A woman trapped in an abusive relation with her grifter boyfriend finds herself suddenly stranded in the swamps of South Carolina hunted by a legendary creature as well as those who seek to capture it.



After 1000 years of peace the last of the Titans, Elohim, humans, extraterrestrials to fight the final battle but a new entity in the cosmos threatens both sides. After the total inhalation of the rulers of the third dimension, mankind is faced with its new evolution into pure energy into the next frequencies above and the ability to move lower if hit wishes.



Incorporating elements of comic book style and design.  Gravity follows the template of Marvel Comics.  Hero James Wilstone whose mother risked her life to save him as a child was raised in orphanage, know an adult and dealing with the horrible memory of killing his own mother he tries to build an ordinary life, but he has no ordinary abilities.  He must soon come to grips that his life was a lie and face mortal enemies of equal strength who are bent on his destruction while he fights to save human life anywhere, he can.

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