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S. Digital Studios in Houston, TX, known as a qualified, professional, video production | Live event capture | Script-to-screen, in-house expertise; SDigitalStudios has always strived to provide their clients in Houston, Louisiana, Dallas with high-quality multimedia production of every kind.  Film and video production is in their DNA.


Established in 2001, SDigitalStudios is dedicated to crafting compelling videos and films to help clients achieve their business and/or creative goals.  Having produced hundreds of videos, our team has shot in every environment, from boardrooms to ballrooms, to the outdoors; SDigitalStudios’ creative professionals live on the cutting edge using the latest film making techniques and equipment to make  innovative and engaging content to make ideas, reality. 



Henry E. Bradford is the Creative Project Manager at SDigitalStudios.  A man who wears many hats, Henry is a seasoned photographer, cinematographer, video editor, sound engineer, actor, voice actor, and graphic designer.  As an actor, he quietly observed the technical processes behind productions, hoping that one day he could have a chance to work in the same capacity. Working in his church, he honed his craft learning camera operation, technical direction, and live switching for television. Eventually, Henry leveraged his production experienced and began producing original independent films. 


Henry has received awards for best editing in various film festivals in and around the southwest region of the US; his contributions as a cinematographer has led to the short films he has worked on, receiving honorable mention and awards, as well. Operating SDigitalStudios as a side business, Henry took on tasks that would later lead him to the pursuit of a full-time venture with his company. He has worked on independent and major motion pictures in the production department, he has worked as a technical administrator for Fox Sports, and has shot and edited countless hours of footage for weddings, corporate events, commercials, and the like. Henry's vision is to develop his company into a legacy that he can pass on to his family.  - Henry is a resident of Houston, Texas.

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